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Dog Walking With Shock Collars

My son, who’s in the Army, brought us his two dogs, a Border Collie mix and a German Shepard mix.  Both dogs were almost two years old and in need of training.  Zoey, the Border Collie, was a terrible walker and would pull and pull on the leash.  Being pulled down the street while trying to walk the dog is no fun at all.  Shay, the German Shepard, was pretty good to walk on a leash, but she was definitely a follower of Zoey, Zoey being the alpha of the two.  Taking them for a walk together was quite the challenge.

Taking Shay for a walk on her own was a lot easier.  She walked in the heal position and I even trained her to sit when we stopped.  Taking Zoey, on the other hand, was exhausting.  We would get to the end of the block and would turn around to go home.  We need a fix to this problem.  In all the reading I’ve been doing on dog training some mention was made of shock collars.  So I searched and found the Dogwidgets Rechargeable Remote Dog Training Shock Collar.


The package came in and I put a collar on each dog.  I have to mention that we, my youngest son, daughter, and I, tested the collars out first to see how it felt.  The collar has a vibration and two levels of shock, low and high.

We put the collars on and got to work on training.  The girls, Zoey and Shay, quickly learned that the kitchen is off limits.  We also used them to correct behavior while outside in the backyard.  Any kind of barking at the neighbors was unacceptable behavior and warranted a correction.  The collars where very useful in teaching them what was not acceptable behavior.

In the meantime, I discovered the head halter for Zoey for taking her on a walk.  Although there was great improvement with the head halter, it still was not enough.  Zoey had this bad habit of pulling and was tough about breaking this habit.  One day, when getting ready for our walk instead of taking off the shock collar and putting the head halter on, I thought why not use the shock collar for walking.  I grabbed the remote and we were out the door.

Pretty much as soon as we were on the street, Zoey started to pull ahead, but not too bad as we had been previously working on training in this area.  As Zoey started to pull ahead I pushed the vibration button on the remote, she paused, looked up at me, got back in the heal position and we continued our walk.  As I loosened the slack on the lead and Zoey started to walk ahead of me, I would hit the vibration button and she would get back in the heal position.  Zoey was getting the message that she could not pull on the lead, however, her bad habit persisted.  The next time she pulled ahead of me I pressed the low shock button.  We did this three or four more times and Zoey learned she was not to walk ahead of me but at my side.

We walked 2.67 miles according to the app on my phone.  It was the most pleasant walk I have had with Zoey in the four and half months she’s been with us.  What a great tool to use in training a dog who has strong alpha instincts and tries to lead the walk!

Here the girls are relaxing on the front lawn after our walk. :)

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P.S.  I would love to hear about your experiences.  Have you tried shock collars?

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