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Gifts from the Heart

In giving gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Yes, it is a cliché, but clichés exist because they are true. So the next time you need to give someone a gift, why not make one instead? A homemade gift tells the recipient that he is special enough for you to take the time to make something especially for him. It is also a budget-friendly alternative to the usual gift items that can be bought from the shops. Both you and your recipient will be happy, and isn’t that what gift giving is all about?

If you’re at a loss with what to make, look around for materials around your house and use your imagination and skills to create something out of them. If your talent lies in the kitchen, bake some cookies and use as container a jar that you’ll surely find somewhere in your house. Steam off the label from the jar and use a square of pretty fabric as a lid, with a ribbon to tie it in place. Aside from cookies, you can also make candies, fruit preserves, and even sauces. If your culinary skills leave something to be desired, you can buy goodies from the nearest bakery and put them in the jar. The result will still be less expensive compared to pre-packaged food items you can get from the market.

If you’re an artist, you can create a memorable gift by making a framed charcoal portrait of your recipient. The portrait itself doesn’t cost a thing, while framing can be done by affordable yet quality framers in your area. If you’re into sewing and knitting, you can make your recipient everything from a scarf to a pillow.

Indeed, you have lots of options to choose from. With homemade gifts, what you can give is only limited by your imagination.

All my best,

Gwyn Mendez

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