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The Home Executive - Managing My Life


I learned to cook at a young age by helping my mother in the kitchen.  Now, I am not a great cook but I know my way around the kitchen.  Over the years, I have learned to cook some great meals.  I also love cookbooks, especially hardbound books with pictures.  I like to see what the dish is going to look like, or supposed to look like. :)

We all have recipes that we love to prepare, love to share at potluck gatherings, or cook every holiday season.  We also have recipes which are tried and true family favorites.  Sharing a favorite recipe is like giving a gift.  Whenever I have a dish which I brought to a gathering and someone asks me for the recipe, I am always happy to share it with them.  I love hearing from them later on that the dish was enjoyed by all.  I hope you enjoy the recipes I share with you here under the Pages section.

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