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5 Tips to Manage Your Time Effectively

Time is the most powerful currency of the 21st century. And this powerful currency demands much of our attention. Unfortunately, most people never make use of this remarkable resource we have – our time. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your time every single day:

1. Break down large tasks into smaller ones: We all know the feeling of staring at a new complicated project feeling overwhelmed and wishing we were anywhere but here. But, even complicated tasks are not impossible to handle. In fact, most tasks become unbelievably trivial once we break them down into small pieces. Get into the habit of breaking down your tasks into small ones and tackling each individual part one at a time. This will help you stay calm as well as it will help you accomplish your goals without the urge to procrastinate.

2. Get rid of unproductive routine tasks: This included getting up each morning and checking your email. Do not start your day on somebody else’s agenda. Get out there, take some time to focus on the goals for the day and then start working on them. Do routine tasks during slow times of the day. For example, check your emails right after lunch.

3. Look at your habits to see if they could be changed, maybe you could do certain things different ways and save yourself some time in the process.

4. Evaluate yourself to determine if you are a morning person or night person and organize tasks to use whatever time suits you best. I am usually the most productive at night or after 10 AM and that is exactly why I work on my most important goals during those hours. 2 hours of focused work is far more valuable than 10 hours of unfocused work.

5. Learn to say the word “no”: One of the biggest secrets of success is leadership. You need to be able to become a leader and say NO when someone asks you for a favor that can take considerable amount of highly productive time from you.

You need to be very cautious about where and how you spend your time. Time is the most precious resource you have and you need to stop wasting it and start treating it like gold.

To learn how you can take control of your time and use it to achieve your goals, visit

All my best,

Gwyn Mendez

4 Easy Steps to Stop Procrastination

Are you a victim of procrastination? Do you often find yourself unable to meet deadlines because you spent too much time in front of the TV, cooking or even sleeping? Well, I was exactly like that just a few years ago. But, that’s now Past. These days, I can set goals and achieve them easily without any complaints. And you can do the same. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

1. Plan your daily must-do activities. Draw up a to-do list; preferably, write it down on paper; or, use a computer if you prefer. And, include all the MUST do’s in your list. These are things that must be done today. Period.

2. Prioritize the activities, the more important ones taking precedence over the less important. If there are urgent things to do, but not important enough to be worried about if not done, put them below the important ones. The idea is based on the established principle that 80% of rewards come  from 20% of effort directed towards accomplishing important work.

3. Start working: Even if the deadline is 5 days from now or a month from now, starting out on an important project will help you avoid stress and do it well. When you start a major project just the day of the deadline, you are bound to stress out and leave out important points. Get in the habit of starting things before the deadline.

4. Start working bit by bit. Things may seem like huge mountains at first but it is important to stay calm. Just start working on the project or task on hand and don’t worry about getting it perfect. You still have a lot of time to iron out the details. Remember to start well before the deadline so you can focus on finishing the task and then ironing out the details. Trying to get everything right on first attempt is the best excuse used by procrastinators!

Procrastination is a deadly disease and it not only kills motivation but also your chances of success. Stop procrastinating right now and start achieving your goals. You can learn more about getting rid of procrastination and how to manage your time to achieve all your goals by visiting

All my best,

Gwyn Mendez

Taming the Paperwork Beast

Paperwork is an ever-present part of most people’s work lives. Anyone with a position of any greater prestige than the burger-flipper at the local fast food restaurant most likely has to deal with paperwork at some level. And you may have discovered, as many people have, that papers have a tendency to pile up. Things get mixed together, lost, and jumbled, leaving you spending hours going through endless stacks of the stuff looking for that one lone order form or bill that you need right away.

Although this sort of frustration and wasted time is all too common, it is by no means necessary. There are simple ways to be sure you will not run into this sort of trouble with your documents. The first and most important rule is to put everything away and filing them in folders when you do not need them. The easiest way to lose track of papers is to leave them laying around where they can be shuffled together, slid under something, mistakenly thrown into the trash bin, or fall into a corner somewhere.

Once the documents are filed away, you need to be able to quickly and easily find the papers you need at any given time. Be sure to clearly label your folders to avoid confusion as to where a specific paper or document might be filed. Also, you should consider using a color coding system to organize your files so you can easily find something at a glance. A black folder, for instance, may be used for your professional documents, a blue folder for personal documents and a brown folder for filial asset documents, and so on. This will help streamline your filing and retrieving process. Keep a note posted somewhere nearby of what each color means, in case anyone else needs to find something in your files.

All my best,

Gwyn Mendez

It’s Never Too Early for Holiday Shopping!

If you’re a last-minute shopper during the holiday season, you’ve no doubt fallen victim to sky-high prices of gift items. During the holidays, it’s a well-known fact that department stores and shop owners hike up their prices to take advantage of the high demand.

If you want to avoid spending huge amounts of money on items that aren’t that expensive in the first place, consider shopping off-season, particularly just after the holidays. During this time, prices go back to normal; many even go on sale, because the demand has passed and marketers still want to rake in profit. If you buy off-season, you can take advantage of all-time low prices and save a lot of money for your budget.

The apparent downside of this is you’ll be shopping for holiday gifts as early as January. If it’s unthinkable for you to do your holiday shopping in January, then you don’t have to shop for that sole reason. You can purchase items that can double as birthday gifts for friends and family, and you can even buy essential items you can use yourself.

However, if you think about it, shopping for holiday gifts in January and in the other early months of the year is actually convenient for both your time and budget. As long as you don’t plan on giving food items, you can start your holiday shopping as early as you would like. You don’t have to jostle with other last-minute shoppers. You don’t have to feel time-pressured. And the best thing is you also don’t have to feel the pain of having a sizable chunk cut off from your budget. You can just store the items in your closest and bring them out when the next holiday comes. You can simply sit back and enjoy wrapping the gifts while everyone else is stressfully running about in shops.


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