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Saving With Coupons

Couponing is currently a big thing.  I have been using coupons, too, but not to the extreme.  I just do not have time for that kind of planning.  The following is what I do and I have been quite pleased with my success.

I put together a binder with pages in page protectors and have several baseball card pocket pages in each section.  On Sundays, I purchase two newspapers.  Please note, always make sure there are coupons in the paper.  It is frustrating when you get home only to discover there are no coupons.  Not a happy moment, since that is the whole purpose of getting the papers.  I know from experience.  The reason I purchase two papers is so I will have two coupons for each item.

I have shelves in my garage where I store all of my items.  Basically, I am building a stockpile which we can live off of for several months if we need to.  It’s like have a grocery store in your garage.  There are many reasons to build a stockpile; not being able to go to the grocery when you need to due to a busy lifestyle, your current economic condition may be a reason, unexpected company and the need to have items on hand to feed you company.

Putting together your binder is pretty easy.  I have prepared pages for you to use if you would like.  When I go to the grocery store, I take my binder with me and do my shopping according to what is on sale at the store and if I have a coupon for it.

Now, there are times when I make purchases without coupons, but those items were at least on sale.  I try to avoid making purchases at regular price without a coupon.  Some grocery stores will put items on sale at 10 for $10 and this is an exception of which I take advantage.  Of course, if you have coupons for those items then that is great!  

Here is my most recent grocery store receipt.  My total purchase was $147.97.  This particular store I went to used a rewards card to be able to take advantage of the sale price.  As you can see, my total rewards card savings was $31.99 and my total coupon savings was $23.10 with additional savings of $2.00.  My grand total saved was $57.09.  That’s 27.84% off of my grocery bill.  I’m happy with that.

So remember, the key is to use your coupons on items that are on sale.

Happy couponing!

Gwyn Mendez

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