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The Home Executive - Managing My Life

Overcoming the Overwhelm

In my quest for organization and order in my home, when there is always so much to do, it is easy to get overwhelmed and just not do anything.  The challenge is to press on and just do one thing.  Sometimes all it takes is just doing one thing to get going.

Yesterday, I focused on one thing, cleaning the refrigerator.  I wiped the whole thing down.  When I was finished, I moved on to the ceiling fan, and then to the chandelier over the table.  Seeing the first task accomplished gave me the drive to move on to do another task.  Amazing how this happens.

We all know this list never really ends but these accomplishments encourage me to continue to press forward and dig myself out of the overwhelm.  Taking on a project one step at a time and having small victories may be all we need to help us get the results we are looking for.

What are you going to get started with today?

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